For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CERTIFICATE HOLDER. A person who owns or controls a taxicab certificate issued by the state.
   CRUISE. To drive a taxicab on the streets of the city in search of or for the purposes of soliciting prospective passengers for hire.
   LICENSED. To have a current business license issued pursuant to applicable City Ordinance.
   PERSON. Includes an individual, firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, or joint stock association, and includes any trustee, assignee, or personal representative thereof.
   RATE CARD. A card approved by the Mayor or his designee for display in each taxicab which contains the rates of fare, fees, and other charges then in force.
   STREETS. Every public road, avenue, alley, boulevard, way, bridge, viaduct, or trestle and the approaches to them, includes off-street parking facilities and accessways offered for public use whether public or privately owned, except for-hire parking facilities described in KRS 189.700.
   TAXICAB. A motor vehicle which is required by state law to be operated under one or more taxicab certificates and is designated or constructed to transport not more than fifteen (15) passengers exclusive of the driver.
   TAXICAB CERTIFICATE. A certificate issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, granting authority for the operation of a given number of motor vehicles transporting passengers for hire at or from the corporate limits of the city and its suburban area, and not operating over any regular route, and the destination of the motor vehicles being designated by the passengers at the time of such transportation.
   TAXICAB DRIVER'S PERMIT. The permit issued pursuant to this chapter by the City Clerk/Treasurer to a person to operate or drive a taxicab on the streets of the city.
   TAXICAB INSPECTION STICKER. A sticker or emblem issued pursuant to this chapter by the Mayor to the certificate holder or driver of a taxicab evidencing that the taxicab has been inspected as provided by this chapter and is authorized to operated on the streets of the city.
   TAXIMETER. A meter instrument or device attached to a taxicab which electronically or mechanically measures the distance driven and the waiting time on which the fare is based.
   TRIP CARD. A daily record prepared by a taxicab driver of all trips made by the driver showing the time and place of origin, destination, number of passengers, and the amount of fare and any fees for each trip.
   WAITING TIME. The time when a taxicab is not in motion from the time of acceptance of a passenger or passengers to the time of discharge, but does not include any time that the taxicab is not in motion if due to any cause, other than the request, act, or fault of passenger or passengers, or traffic condition.
   WHEELCHAIR SERVICE. The transportation by a taxicab regulated under this chapter of a person or persons confined to a wheelchair without requiring that a person to be removed from the wheelchair.
(Ord. 97-18, passed 11-17-97)