(A)   STREET.  Shall mean a  right-of-way dedicated to public use, which affords the principal means of vehicular access to abutting property. A street may be designated as a highway, thoroughfare, parkway, boulevard, street, road, avenue, lane, drive, place or other appropriate name.
   (B)   Street Types:
      (1)   Arterial - Highways that are designated or utilized primarily for high vehicular speeds or for heavy volumes of traffic which connect two (2) major arteries.
      (2)   Collector - Streets planned to facilitate the collection of traffic from minor streets, and to provide circulation between neighborhood areas providing convenient access to arterial highways.
      (3)   Minor - Local streets designed primarily to provide access to abutting properties and to carry limited volumes of traffic.
      (4)   Marginal Access - Minor streets, parallel and adjacent to arterial highways and serving to reduce the number of access points to the arterial thereby increasing traffic safety.
(Ord. 2005-10, passed 6-20-05)