The City Clerk shall issue a permit to any person desiring to remove, ditch or excavate in, through or under any city-maintained street only upon satisfaction of the following requirements:
   (A)   The applicant shall file a request for such permit with the City Clerk upon a form provided by the City Clerk, stating therein the work proposed to be done, the necessity therefor, the specific manner in which the applicant will replace the surface or pavement, an estimate of the cost of replacing the surface or pavement to its original condition and a fidelity bond that the surface or pavement will be replaced in substantially the same condition as before the proposed ditching or excavating.
   (B)   The City Clerk shall present the application to the Public Works Department for approval or disapproval. The approval or disapproval by the Public Works Department must be made within five (5) working days of receipt.
   (C)   If approved by the Public Works Department, the City Clerk shall issue a permit for the applicant to proceed with the work proposed, but the City Clerk shall not issue the permit until the applicant has made bond with sufficient surety, approved by the Public Works Department, that the pavement, surface and subsurface materials will be replaced in substantially their original condition, in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of the work, indemnifying the city in the event of the failure of the applicant to replace the pavement surface or subsurface within fifteen (15) days after the date of the permit, or within such time as is designated by the Public Works Department, when and if the application for permit is approved.
(Ord. 2005-09, passed 6-20-05)