(A)   No officer or employee of the city shall advocate, recommend or cause the:
      (1)   employment;
      (2)   appointment;
      (3)   promotion;
      (4)   transfer; or
      (5)   advancement
of a family member to an office or position of employment with the city.
   (B)   No officer or employee of the city shall supervise or manage the work of a family member.
   (C)   No officer or employee shall participate in any action relating to the employment or discipline of a family member, except that this prohibition shall not prevent an elected or appointed official from voting on or participating in the development of a budget which includes compensation for a family member, provided that the family member is included only as a member of a class of persons or a group and the family member benefits to no greater extent than any other similarly situated member of the class or group.
   (D)   The prohibitions in this section shall not apply to any relationship or situation that would violate the prohibitions, but which existed prior to January 1, 1995.
(Ord. 94-21, passed 10-26-94)