ADMINISTRATIVE OR DIRECTORAL POSITION.   The head of a department of municipal government.
   APPOINTING AUTHORITY   The officer, commission, board or body having the power of appointment or removal in any office, department, commission, board or institution.
   CIVIL SERVICE.   The offices and positions of trust or employment in the service of the city not  specifically excluded by KRS 90.310 to 90.410 or by ordinance of the city as provided in KRS 90.310.
   COMMISSION.   The board of civil service commissioners as established herein.
   DISMISSAL.   The discharge of an employee.
   EMPLOYEE.   Any person employed in the conduct of municipal affairs, either full-time or part-time, but the term shall not include the Mayor, an administrative or directorial position, persons employed on temporary or special projects, or to persons whose regular employments with the city are seasonal and are less than nine months in any one year and the City Clerk/Treasurer.
(Ord. 85-8, passed 9-16-85)