§ 35.20  DUTIES.
   A Police officer shall:
   (A)   Patrol a designated area of the city in a patrol car to prevent and discover the commission of crime and to enforce traffic regulations; answer calls and complaints; administer first aid; serve warrants; and answer questions for the public.
   (B)   Conduct preliminary investigations at the scene of crimes and serious accidents; gather evidence; locate and interview witnesses; make arrests and interrogate prisoners; compile accident statistics.
   (C)   Direct traffic at intersections and at accidents and fires; maintain order in crowds, at parades, and other public meetings.
   (D)   Operate electronic equipment for speed detection.
   (E)   Process prisoners, provide for their needs and supervise their activities; appear in court to present evidence and testify against the person accused of crimes.
   (F)   Prepare and maintain necessary records and reports.
   (G)   Participate in training activities.
   (H)   Give advice on laws and ordinances and general information to the public.
   (I)   Perform related work as required.
(Ord. 86-6, passed 1-7-86)
Statutory Reference:
   Training Requirements, KRS  95.955