§ 35.10  DUTIES.
   The Police Chief shall:
   (A)   Plan, direct, and exercise general supervision over the work of the Department, subject to the ultimate authority of the Mayor.
   (B)   Recommend to the Mayor the adoption of such written rules and regulations as he may  deem necessary for the proper administration of the Police Department; and enforce such rules and regulations, work methods and procedures after promulgation by the Mayor and approval of City Council in accordance with KRS 83A.130 (4)).
   (C)   Make and review all personnel assignments within the Department, subject to the ultimate authority of the Mayor.
   (D)   Review activities and reports of police officers.
   (E)   Make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for the appointment, promotion and dismissal of officers.
   (F)   Enforce disciplinary measures when necessary.
   (G)   Ascertain that officers receive adequate training in modern police methods and procedures.
   (H)   Direct the preparation and maintenance of police records and files.
   (I)   Direct the investigation of major criminal offenses.
   Q)   Cooperate with state and federal officers in the apprehension of wanted persons.
   (K)   See that reports are prepared for the Mayor (who shall report to the City Council and the National Safety Council, Federal Bureau of Investigation).
   (L)   Prepare budget estimates and control the expenditure of Department funds, subject to the ultimate authority of the Mayor.
   (M)   Conduct Department correspondence, requisition supplies and recommend the purchase of necessary equipment.
   (N)   Meet with and answer questions for the public.
   (O)   Attend police conferences and meet with various citizen groups.
(Ord. 86-2, passed 1-7-86; Am. Ord. 99-1, passed 9-21-99)