(A)   Within thirty (30) days of the mailing of the notice provided for in § 33.15, any affected property owner may file an action in the circuit court of the county, contesting the undertaking of the project by special assessment, the inclusion of his property in the improvement, or the amount of his assessment. If the action contests the undertaking of the improvement by the special assessment method of the inclusion of the property of that property owner, no further action on the improvement insofar as it relates to any property owner who is a plaintiff shall be taken until the final judgment has been entered.
   (B)   The city may proceed with the improvement with respect to any properties whose owners have not filed or joined in an action as provided in this section or who have contested only the amounts of their assessments, and the provisions of the resolution are final and binding with respect to such property owners except as to contested amounts of assessments. After the lapse of time as herein provided, all actions by owners of properties are forever barred.
(KRS 91A.270)