(A)   The municipality hereby declares that it recognizes both of the following, in relation to the “battered woman syndrome”: that the syndrome currently is a matter of commonly accepted scientific knowledge, and that the subject matter and details of the syndrome are not within the general understanding or experience of a person who is a member of the general populace and are not within the field of common knowledge.
   (B)   If a person is charged with an offense involving the use of force against another and the person, as a defense to the offense charged, raises the affirmative defense of self defense, the person may introduce expert testimony of the “battered woman syndrome” and expert testimony that the person suffered from that syndrome as evidence to establish the requisite belief of an imminent danger of death or great bodily harm that is necessary, as an element of the affirmative defense, to justify the person’s use of force in question. The introduction of any expert testimony under this division shall be in accordance with the Ohio Rules of Evidence.
(R.C. § 2901.06)