(A)   Each exhibitor, as defined in § 110.01, shall obtain from the City Auditor on or before July 1 of each year a license, good from July 1 to the following June 30, for each amusement device displayed or in use on any premises under his possession, control, or ownership, or as soon thereafter as any such amusement device is installed. The fee for each license shall be determined by the type of skill-based amusement machine (Types A, B, and C) under the exhibitor's possession, control, or ownership, as follows:
      (1)   Type A: Games that do not enable a player to receive tickets, tokens, or any prize of value. There is no license fee for a Type A game.
      (2)   Type B: Games established as crane and claw-style. Type B games are standalone machines that enable a player to receive merchandise valued less than $10 directly from the game machine. The license fee for a Type B game is $25.
      (3)   Type C: Games identified as redemption-style, or any other game not categorized as Type A or Type B. Players receive tickets, tokens, or prizes that exceed a $10 value that are not redeemed directly from the game machine. The license fee for a Type C game is $50.
   (B)   The City Auditor shall issue no license as required by this section until the license fee described herein is paid.
   (C)   Each license issued shall contain the following information: the name of exhibitor, the location of the licensed machine, the character of the licensed machine, the name of the manufacturer of the machine, and the manufacturer's serial number of the machine.
   (D)   Upon issuance of the license or any renewal thereof, the Auditor shall issue a sticker to be prominently displayed by the licensee on the device so licensed before the device is used in the period covered by the license. Failure to prominently display the said sticker as required by this section is prima facie evidence of a violation of this section and constitutes a separate violation punishable as set forth in § 110.99(A).
   (E)   The license fee on any amusement device installed by any exhibitor after January 1 of any year shall be only one-half the annual rate.
(1982 Code, § 110.05) (Ord. 1955-6, passed 3-7-1955; Ord. 1957-10, passed 7-1-1957; Ord. 1983-8, passed 6-6-1983; Ord. 2004-25, passed 1-3-2005; Ord. 2021-12, passed 5-12-2022)