(A)   In single resident rooms the least dimension free of fixed obstructions shall not be less than 80 square feet (7.43 square meters).
   (B)   Multi-bed rooms shall have as a minimum 60 square feet (5.57 square meters) of floor space free of fixed obstructions per bed. There shall be no more than four beds per room. A double bunk bed is considered two beds.
   (C)   At least one room with one water closet, lavatory, and tub or shower shall be provided for each five residents.
   (D)   Each resident’s room shall be an outside room with a satisfactory amount of natural light.
   (E)   If males and females are housed in the same building, separate water closets, lavatories, and tubs or showers will be required for each.
(1982 Code, § 101.06) (Ord. 2012-4, passed 9-10-2012) Penalty, see § 101.99