Unless otherwise fixed by resolution of the City Council, all curbs and gutters shall be excavated not less than 18 inches below the grade line for top of curb and for a width of 22 inches, and the excavations shall be filled and well tamped with cinders, broken stone, or brickbats for a depth of six inches.  On this shall be laid a concrete mixture, one-two-four as specified for sidewalks in § 96.11, well tamped for a depth of 11 inches and a width of five inches for curve, and four inches in depth at inner edge of gutter, and five inches at outer edge of gutter.  On the above-described concrete shall be laid one inch of neat cement with a one- or two-mixture as specified for sidewalks in § 96.11, to be put on top and face of curb and top of gutter.
(‘65 Code, § 92.07)  Penalty, see § 96.99