General Provisions
   51.01   Tampering with or damaging waterworks property
   51.02   Water Shed Area
   51.03   Bulk water purchasing
   51.04   Notice from landlord
   51.041   Utilities collection policy and fees
   51.042   Wells for drinking water prohibited
   51.05   City liability
   51.06   Tapping permits
   51.07   Inspections
   51.08   Furnishing water outside corporate limits
   51.09   Revenues from rates and charges
   51.10   Authority of Safety and Service Director
   51.11   Utility Billing office
   51.12   Backflow prevention devices; notice to water consumer to install
   51.13   Approval required for connections of private, auxiliary, or emergency water supply
   51.14   Surveys and investigations
   51.141   Right of entry
Installations and Connections
   51.15   Authority of Water Department
   51.16   Installation of water mains
   51.17   Installation of water service lines
   51.18   Water meters
Usage Regulations
   51.25   Owners' responsibility for water waste
   51.26   Illegal use of water
   51.27   Person moving to other premises
   51.28   Use of water in city buildings
   51.29   Water emergencies
Rates and Charges
   51.35   Charges for water taps
   51.36   Water rates schedule
   51.37   Water rates outside city limits
   51.38   Guarantee deposits
   51.39   Owner's responsibility for water usage; tenants; delinquent charges; lien on property
   51.40   Multiple-family dwellings - separate metering
   51.401   Real property splits of common structures
   51.41   Adjustment to utility bills
   51.42   Where to pay water bills; after-hours drop box; receipt date
Discontinuance of Service; Penalties for Violations
   51.54   Discontinuance of water service
   51.99   Penalty and injunction
   Pollution of public water supply, see § 93.02