Each permit holder under this chapter shall ensure that:
   (A)   All work is done safely and in accordance with any special requirements set forth by the Building Inspector;
   (B)   All utilities are properly disconnected and sealed, where appropriate, and the appropriate utility provider is given sufficient notice and opportunity to inspect the work done regarding that utility service;
   (C)   All final and disconnect utility bills are paid;
   (D)   No explosive devices are used;
   (E)   No sidewalks or streets are obstructed without prior approval of the Safety and Service Director;
   (F)   No damage to adjacent property occurs;
   (G)   No debris remains on the demolition site beyond 120 days after the beginning of the work without prior approval of Council;
   (H)   All applicable zoning laws are complied with;
   (I)   The demolition site is restored to normal grade, unless construction at that site commences within a reasonable time; and
   (J)   Any blockage of a sidewalk or street which exceeds 48 hours must receive prior approval of Council.
(1982 Code, § 156.04)  (Ord. 1984-44, passed 2-4-1985)  Penalty, see § 156.99