§ 155.150  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   The provisions of this code shall be enforced by the Safety and Service Director or any of his or her duly authorized agents.
   (B)   The Safety and Service Director or his or her authorized agents may order in writing the remedying of a condition found in violation of this code within a reasonable time, or immediately in the case of imminent danger to life and property, or if the order requires a cessation of use. This order may include an order to vacate the premises or to remove any building or structure as a sole exception or alternative method of remedying the condition. Such order may also include the remedying of any conditions existing in violation of any other regulations of the city for which the Safety and Service Director or his or her authorized agents is an enforcing authority.
   (C)   Enforcement by issuance of any order is not an exclusive method of enforcement and shall not be construed as a condition precedent to or a waiver of any civil actions, citations, summons, or other enforcement procedure or measure available to the city under this code, other ordinance of the city, or state law.
   (D)   The order shall be served upon the owner, his or her authorized agent, a person performing work on the premises, or the occupant of the building or portion thereof personally, by certified mail, or by posting a copy at a clear and visible place on the premises.
(Ord. 2018-06, passed 7-9-2018, § 155.201)