(A)   Manual changeable copy. Up to 50% of a permitted monument sign may incorporate manual changeable copy in the Business “C” District, Business and Residence “D” District, Industrial “E” District, and the Historic and Business “G” District, along with nonresidential planned unit developments and nonresidential uses in residential zoning districts.
   (B)   Electronic sign standards. The following standards apply to all electronic signs within the city. Additional standards may apply.
      (1)   Electronic signs shall conform to the following standards set forth in Table 12: Electronic Sign Standards in addition to the other standards set forth in this section.
Table 12: Electronic Sign Standards
Height of Sign
Maximum LED Pitch Spacing
Maximum Daytime Brightness
Maximum Nighttime Brightness
Minimum Hold Time
0 ft.—8 ft.
12 mm
7,500 nits
500 nits
8 seconds
8 ft. +
16 mm
7,500 nits
500 nits
8 seconds
      (2)   Each electronic sign shall contain a default mechanism that will freeze the sign in one position or make the screen go black whenever the aggregate area or any part of the electronic video display panel is unlit or malfunctions to the extent that it exceeds 5% of the total video.
      (3)   Electronic signs shall have an automatic dimming capability that adjusts the brightness to the ambient light at all times of day and night. In no instance shall the electronic sign cause light trespass onto an adjacent residential district or use.
      (4)   Each electronic sign shall be static and may not display animated, scrolling, moving, or flashing messages or video which simulates such. Each static message shall change instantaneous without fading, flashing, or animation of the message or image.
      (5)   Only one electronic sign is allowed per parcel or development.
      (6)   Electronic message centers shall use full-color LED technology.
(Ord. 2018-06, passed 7-9-2018, § 155.192)