§ 155.044  SITE PLAN REVIEW.
   (A)   Purpose. The purpose of the site plan review is to provide a process for the evaluation and approval of proposed developments by the city to promote logical and orderly development within the city. The site plan process does not apply to planned unit development plan applications and any other special districts or areas as identified within this chapter.
   (B)   Applicability.
      (1)   Site plan review required. A site plan review by the Planning Commission shall be required for the following applications:
         (a)   All applications for a conditional use permit; and
         (b)   All applications for development or changes in a use that are not exempt from the Planning Commission site plan review by division (B)(2) (Exemptions) of this section.
      (2)   Exemptions. The following are exempted from site plan review by Planning Commission. A site plan review by the Safety and Service Director is still required along with the application and issuance of applicable permits for the following items:
         (a)   Construction of a new single-family or two-family dwelling or the reconstruction, enlargement, or alteration of such;
         (b)   All expansion of existing nonresidential uses representing an increase in floor area and/or parking area that is 10% or less of the existing building square footage, but does not exceed a combined square footage of over 5,000 square feet;
         (c)   A change in use in a nonresidential building;
         (d)   Modifications to sites involving changes to landscaping, parking, or loading without the expansion of such items;
         (e)   Accessory structures and uses;
         (f)   Temporary structures and uses; and
         (g)   Signs (see §§ 155.125 though 155.139 for regulations).
   (C)   Site plan procedures. The procedure for a site plan review shall be as follows.
      (1)   The property owner or agent shall submit an application and applicable site plan review drawings to the office of the Safety and Service Director in accordance with the provisions of this division (C).
      (2)   The Safety and Service Director shall review the site plan application to determine completeness and shall distribute the site plan to other city departments and consulting professionals and agents of the city as appropriate for review and comment.
      (3)   The Planning Commission shall review the recommendations and notations of the Safety and Service Director and evaluate whether or not the site plan complies with the requirements of the code. The Planning Commission shall approve, approve with modifications, or deny the site plan application.
(Ord. 2018-06, passed 7-9-2018, § 155.125)