§ 155.040  PURPOSE.
   Development review procedures are herein established in order to achieve the following purposes, among others:
   (A)   To provide for the review of site plans before obtaining a building permit and certificate of occupancy;
   (B)   To provide for the inclusion of necessary facilities, services, and additional uses through conditional use permits;
   (C)   To provide for the inclusion of uses which are not specified in this code, but which have characteristics and a land use impact similar to permitted main uses;
   (D)   To assure that no work shall be started on the relocation, construction, reconstruction, or structural alteration of a building or use, until the building or use is found to comply with all the provisions of this chapter;
   (E)   To assure before construction of new buildings, commencement of a new use or occupancy, or before occupancy is continued after alterations, that all regulations of the city have been met; and
   (F)   To provide for enforcement by issuance of orders by the Safety and Service Director.
(Ord. 2018-06, passed 7-9-2018, § 155.121)