(A)   Establishment. A Design Review Board is hereby established to provide guidance for changes to structures, buildings, and signs within the designated Hillsboro Historic and Business “G” Zoning District by providing a means of review to assist in achieving a more pleasing downtown environment; help maintain and enhance the distinctive character and architectural integrity of various period structures and appurtenances; and assure that future intrusions and alterations are appropriate, given environmental, architectural, historical, economic, and community development considerations.
   (B)   Members and terms. The Design Review Board shall consist of five members, appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council, and shall include two Hillsboro Historic and Business “G” Zoning District property owners or a city resident, two owners of Hillsboro Historic and Business “G” Zoning District businesses or a city resident, and one representative of the Highland County Historical Society who is also a resident of the city. Members’ terms shall be three years in duration and staggered.
(Ord. 2018-06, passed 7-9-2018, § 155.116; Ord. 2020-02, passed 5-11-2020)