(A)   It shall be unlawful, within the corporate limits of the city for any person, firm, or corporation to park or occupy any house trailer on any street, alley, or other public place, or on any tract of land owned by any person, firm, or corporation, within the city except as provided in this chapter.
   (B)   Emergency or temporary stopping or parking is permitted on any street or alley for not longer than two hours, subject to any other and further prohibitions, regulations, or limitations imposed by the traffic and parking regulations or ordinances applying to that street or alley.
   (C)   No person shall park or occupy any house trailer on the premises of any occupied dwelling or on any lot which is not a part of the premises of any occupied dwelling either of which is situated outside of a house trailer park duly licensed and regulated under the provisions of R.C. §§ 3733.01 et seq. However, the parking of only one unoccupied house trailer in an accessory private garage, or in a rear yard in any zoning district, is permitted providing no living quarters shall be maintained, profession practiced, or business conducted in the house trailer while it is so parked or stored. The parking of one or more unoccupied house trailers at any place permitted under the zoning ordinances or regulations of the city of bona fide sales, service, and display purposes shall be lawful.
(1982 Code, § 151.02)  (Ord. 1958-21, passed 8-4-1958)  Penalty, see § 151.99