(A)   Habitually delinquent customers defined. A customer of the town’s sanitary sewer system shall be considered a “habitually delinquent customer” if the customer’s sanitary sewer bill becomes delinquent three or more times in any 12 consecutive monthly billing periods.
   (B)   Deposit required. Upon becoming a habitually delinquent customer, such a customer shall be required to pay a deposit for the provisions of sanitary sewer services in the amount of $100. The deposit shall be held until otherwise directed by the Town Council or until such customer’s account is closed and all charges for sanitary sewer services are paid. If the customer has closed the account and paid all charges for sewer services, any remaining deposit may be applied to any other amounts owing by such customer to the town, including amounts owed for water services and/or trash services, and the balance shall be returned to the customer.
   (C)   Termination of water service authorized. The employees of the town are authorized and directed to terminate water service to any habitually delinquent customer who fails to make the deposit required by division (B) above within ten days after being notified in writing to do so by the town.
(Ord. 2012-3, passed 4-9-2012)