(A)   Authorization for reserve officers. The town marshal of the town is hereby authorized to appoint up to two reserve marshals to exercise police powers in the town.
   (B)   Limitations. No reserve officers appointed pursuant to this section shall be considered members of the Town Marshal Department for the town. Reserve marshals shall not be entitled to compensation, other than a uniform allowance and compensation for time lost from other employment because of court appearances, to the event that money is appropriated for either of those purposes from time to time.
   (C)   Training. No reserve officer shall be appointed until he or she has completed the training and probationary period specified by the Town Marshal. No reserve marshal shall make an arrest, conduct a search or a seizure of a person or property, or carry a firearm unless the reserve marshal successfully completes a pre-basic course under I.C. 5-2-1-9(e).
(Prior Code, § 26.01) (Ord. 98-03, passed 6-8-1998)