(A)   The Town Marshal, Deputy Marshal, or in their absence the County Sheriff Deputy, Sheriff or any other law enforcement officer or their designees of Town Council, may issue violation citations and orders to appear before the Violations Bureau Clerk.
   (B)   Town ordinances may be enforced by this Violations Bureau without proceeding in court by:
      (1)   An admission of a violation before the violations clerk of an ordinance set forth by the town; or
      (2)   Administrative enforcement under I.C. 36-1-6-9.
   (C)   The town may bring civil action to enjoin any person from:
      (1)   Violating an ordinance regulating or prohibiting a condition or use of property; or
      (2)   Engaging in conduct without a license if an ordinance requires a license to engage in the conduct.
   (D)   The town may adopt an ordinance providing that certain other ordinances may be enforced through a proceeding before an administrative body of the town. Such ordinances brought before the administrative body are limited to those restricting or prohibiting actions harmful to the land, air or water, safety of persons or those ordinances that govern the use of public way, or the standing or parking of vehicles, under I.C. 36-1-6-9.
(Prior Code, § 24.04)  (Ord. 04-08, passed 11-8-2004)