(A)   The Town Council authorizes the Clerk-Treasurer to open a town credit card account with a total limit of $10,000.00.
   (B)   The Town Council authorizes the Town Clerk-Treasurer, Town Deputy Marshal/Marshal and Town Superintendent to have a town credit card with their names on it, and once possessed are responsible for possession of town credit card.
   (C)   For all credit cards maintained by the Clerk-Treasurer, the Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain an accounting system or log recording the name of each individual to which a credit card is issued and the date credit card is returned to the Clerk-Treasurer.
   (D)   The Town Council and Clerk Treasurer require all receipts for all charges to the credit card within 72 hours of purchase.
   (E)   Charges made on any account shall be only for items which are authorized.
   (F)   Credit cards and accounts shall not be used to bypass or avoid the accounting system of the town, and charges to the credit cards and accounts shall be paid by the Clerk-Treasurer only on the basis of original receipts and from appropriate budgeted funds, accounts and line items pursuant to the claims procedures of the town.
   (G)   The Town Council requires the town’s general sales tax exemption certificate to be used.
   (H)   The Town Council authorizes the town credit card/s to be used when traveling (late conference registration fees, airfare, rental car, rental car gas, hotel, parking, toll road fees, meals (no alcohol).
   (I)   The Town Council authorizes payment of an annual fee to the credit card company, if applicable.
   (J)   No credit card or account shall be used to obtain cash advances by an employee.
   (K)   No credit card or account issued in the name of the town shall be used for private purchases. Any employee who fails to provide a receipt for a purchase shall be personally liable to the town for the full amount of such charge and shall be subject to discipline by the town.
(Ord. 2016-012, passed 10-10-2016)