(A)   The Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to make claim payments in advance of Town Council allowance for the following types of expenses:
      (1)   Property or services purchased or leased from the federal government or an agency or a political subdivision of the federal government;
      (2)   License fees or permit fees;
      (3)   Insurance premiums;
      (4)   Utility payments or utility connection charges;
      (5)   Federal grant programs if advance funding is not prohibited and the contracting party provides sufficient security for the amount advanced;
      (6)   Grants of state funds authorized by statute;
      (7)   Maintenance agreements or service agreements;
      (8)   Lease agreements or rental agreements;
      (9)   Principal and interest payments on bonds;
      (10)   Payroll;
      (11)   State, federal or county taxes;
      (12)   Expenses that must be paid because of emergency circumstances; and
      (13)   Expenses described in an ordinance.
   (B)   Each payment of expenses under this section must be supported by a fully itemized invoice or bill and certification by the fiscal officer.
   (C)   The Town Council shall review and allow the claim at the Council’s next regular or special meeting following the preapproved payment of the expense.
(Prior Code, § 23.05)