(A)   The Town Marshal is the chief police officer of the town and has the powers of other law enforcement officers in executing the orders of the Town Council and enforcing laws.
   (B)   The Town Marshal or his or her deputy:
      (1)   Shall serve all processes directed to him or her by the Town Council;
      (2)   Shall arrest without process all persons who commit an offense within his or her view, take them before a court having jurisdiction and detain them in custody until the cause of the arrest has been investigated;
      (3)   Shall suppress breaches of the peace;
      (4)   May, if necessary, call the power of the town to his or her aid;
      (5)   May execute search warrants and arrest warrants; and
      (6)   May pursue and jail persons who commit an offense.
(Prior Code, § 22.12)