(A)   Election. The Clerk-Treasurer shall be elected under I.C. 3-10-6 or I.C. 3-10-7 by the voters of the whole town.
   (B)   Term of office. Except as provided in I.C. 36-5-6-3(c) or (d), the term of office of the Clerk-Treasurer is four years, beginning at noon on January 1 after election and continuing until a successor is elected and qualified.
      (1)   Pursuant to I.C. 3-10-7-2.9, the current Town Clerk-Treasurer shall stand for election in the year 2019 (or holdover in office under Article 15, Section 3 of the Indiana Constitution) and serve for a one-year term and take office on the first day of January following his or her election (or holdover in office), with the term ending December 31, 2020. An election for the successor to the Town Clerk-Treasurer elected in the year 2019 will occur in the year 2020 and shall serve for a term of four years. Thereafter all terms for office of the Town Clerk-Treasurer shall be for four years and until a successor is elected and qualified.
      (2) Division (B)(1) above will be effective for the elections beginning in 2019, forward, until this section is repealed pursuant to I.C. 3-10-7-2.9(d), as amended or supplemented.
(Prior Code, § 22.02)  (Ord. 2018-6, passed 10-8-2018)