(A)   A requirement that an ordinance, resolution or other action of the Town Council be passed by a two-thirds vote means at least a two-thirds vote of all the elected members.
   (B)   A two-thirds vote of all the elected members, after unanimous consent of the members present to consider the ordinance, is required to pass an ordinance of the Town Council on the same day or at the same meeting at which it is introduced.
   (C)   Division (B) above does not apply to the following:
      (1)   A zoning ordinance or an amendment to a zoning ordinance adopted under I.C. 36-7; or
      (2)   An ordinance to increase the number of Town Council members adopted under I.C. 36-5-2-4.2, unless the ordinance also establishes new legislative body districts.
(Prior Code, § 21.51)