In addition to the restrictions imposed by state laws and regulations incorporated by reference pursuant to § 94.01, the following restrictions shall be observed with respect to open burning within the town.
   (A)   Materials which may be burned. The only materials which may be burned in the town are clean wood products, including lumber (unpainted and unvarnished), trees, logs, branches, twigs, wood pulp, paper and paper products, and dry leaves. Leaves shall not be burned when wet. No trash (other than paper and paper products) shall be burned in the town.
   (B)   No burning on pavement. Nothing shall be burned on the paved portion of any street or alley.
   (C)   Time for burning. No fire permitted by this chapter shall be started before the later of 8:00 a.m. or sunrise and all fires shall be extinguished before the earlier of sunset or 6:00 p.m., except for fires celebrating school pep rallies, scouting activities or campfires.
   (D)   Adult attending fire. An adult shall tend the fire until the fire is completely extinguished by the expiration of the burning period set forth in division (C) above.
   (E)   Location of fire. No fire shall be permitted within 15 feet of any combustible object, natural or human-made, including, but not limited to, trees, bushes, fences, poles or structures.
   (F)   Noxious odors or gases. No fires shall be permitted to smolder or emit noxious odors, smoke or gases.
   (G)   Private residential burning. Private residential burning of clean wood products and paper may occur where the building contains four or fewer dwelling units. Burning shall be in a noncombustible container that is sufficiently vented to induce adequate primary combustion and which has enclosed sides and a bottom.
(Prior Code, § 68.01)  (Ord. 98-2, passed 2-9-1998)  Penalty, see § 94.99