(A)   Out of concern for the safety of all, particularly children, the following speed limit has been set out around the perimeter of the park:
Speed Limit
Davidson Street
Between Murphy and Thompson
20 mph
Murphy Street
Between Davidson and Cherry Street
20 mph
Park Avenue
Between Cherry and Market Street
20 mph
Thompson Street
Between Davidson and Cherry Street
20 mph
   (B)   (1)   The boundaries of Betty Bailey Park are defined as follows:
         (a)   Western boundary: the west right-of-way line of Thompson Street;
         (b)   Northern boundary: the south lot lines of Lots 23 and 28 in the Bert S. Thompson First Addition to the Fairview Addition to the town, as such lines are extended to the west right-of-way line, of Thompson Street and the east right-of-way line of Murphy Street;
         (c)   Eastern boundary: the eastern right-of-way line of Murphy Street; and
         (d)   Southern boundary: the southern right-of-way line of Davidson Street.
      (2)   The maximum speed limit on the streets within Betty Bailey Park as described above in division (B)(1) is decreased to 20 mph pursuant to the authority of I.C. 9-21-5-6(e).
      (3)   The employees of the town are hereby authorized and directed to post “20 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit” signs on the streets in Betty Bailey Park consistent with this schedule.
      (4)   Any operator of a motor vehicle who violates the provisions of this division (B) shall be fined up to $500 for each violation.
(Res. passed - -; Ord. passed 8-12-1985; Ord. 94-4, passed 7-11-1994)