(A)   Materials for construction of lateral sewer lines. Ord. 94-07 (§§ 53.15 through 53.24) of the town requires the owner of all buildings situated within the town and abutting a public sanitary sewer to connect the building sewer to the public sewer by means of a lateral sewer line (the “lateral”), at the owner’s sole cost and expense, within 90 days after the date official notice to do so is provided to the owner. The lateral, whether constructed within such 90-day period or at a later date, must be constructed of: SDR 35 or equivalent pipe; or Schedule 40 or better pipe. The lateral must be four inches in diameter or wider.
   (B)   Installation of lateral. The owner may employ any person the owner chooses to install and construct the lateral. The owner shall notify the town’s Inspector, as far in advance as possible of the date and time when the owner intends to construct its lateral and connect its building to the town’s public sewer system. The owner shall not refill the trench in which the lateral has been constructed until the town’s Inspector has inspected the lateral and its connections to the building and public sewer system and has approved such lateral. Approval of an owner’s lateral shall not be construed as a warranty by the town as to the quality or effectiveness of the lateral.
   (C)   Cleanout required. Each owner shall include at least one cleanout on the exterior of his or her premises to enable a “snake” or similar device to be inserted into the owner’s lateral to clean out the lateral in the event it becomes clogged.
   (D)   Trench. The trench in which the lateral is constructed must be backfilled or bedded in sand or pea gravel.
   (E)   Old septic tanks. At the same time as the owner’s building is connected to the public sewer system by the lateral, the owner shall cause the septic tank on the owner’s property to be pumped out and either: removed; caved in; or filled with sand or pea gravel.
(Ord. 95-02, passed 6-12-1995)