§ 12-207  USE FEES.
   (a)   No person shall use the Hill City Municipal Airport as a base or terminal for carrying on activities involving commercial aviation, or the carrying of pay-passengers, freight, express or mail, or for student flying, communications, aircraft repair and servicing or other commercial purposes, or transportation without first securing a permit from the City Council, the permit to be issued only after payment by the applicant of the following fees:
      (1)   Aerial agricultural spraying: $250;
      (2)   Aircraft repair, maintenance, inspections, sale, rental, storage and service: $250;
      (3)   Sale of aircraft gasoline and oil: $250;
      (4)   Flight training, $250; or
      (5)   Air taxi: $250.
   (b)   Any person obtaining a permit hereunder shall additionally agree to hold the city free and harmless of loss from and each and every claim and demand of whatever nature made by or on behalf of any person or persons for any wrongful act or omission arising out of any action such individual firm or corporation shall commit or omit in such person, firm or corporation’s use of the Hill City Municipal Airport. For such purpose, such person, firm or corporation being granted a permit shall carry liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 naming the city, its officers and employees as additional insureds. A certificate of insurance is to be filed with the city evidencing that such insurance has been furnished and that the same will not be cancelled without ten days’ notice to the city.
(1987 Code, § 12-107)  (Ord. 735, passed - -)