137.01  SECRETARY.
   (a)   The position of Secretary of the Civil Service Commission is hereby established.
   (b)   The duties of such office shall be as follows:  to attend all the meetings of the Commission and keep the minutes thereof; to keep in the form of minutes a record of the official actions of the Commission; to accurately and properly keep all the records of the Commission; to keep all files in proper order; to prepare and deliver or cause to be delivered, notices and other communications ordered by the Commission; to properly furnish appointing authorities with certified lists; to maintain an official roster; to certify payrolls; to handle such correspondence as the Commission shall determine; to, in conjunction with the Chairman, sign all warrants or orders for the payment of money on behalf of the Commission; to complete the annual report of the Commission; to arrange for the scheduling of tests for the Commission; to order and schedule such tests; to assist the Commission in administering and grading such tests; to inventory all tests; to prepare all Commission forms; to schedule appearances to Commission meetings; and to perform such other duties as may be required by the Commission.
   (c)   The Civil Service Commission shall appoint a suitable person to act as Secretary.  Appointments shall be made annually commencing in 1977.  The Secretary shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission.
(Ord. 57-1976.  Passed 12-14-76.)