(a)   The position of Recording Clerk of the Planning and Zoning Commission is hereby established.
   (b)   The duties of such office shall be as follows: to attend all meetings of the Commission and keep the minutes thereof; to transcribe the minutes and keep a record of the official action of the Commission; to record all matters for the agenda of the Commission; to prepare, post and distribute the agenda; to type all correspondence for the Commission; to prepare and deliver or cause to be delivered, notices and other communications ordered by the Commission; to keep and maintain files for the Commission and for the Building Commissioner in proper order; to distribute information and other types of communication to all members of the Commission; to do research deemed necessary by the Commission; to advise applicants to the Commission on hearing dates and procedures; to handle such correspondence as the Commission shall determine; and to perform such other duties as may be required by the Commission.
   (c)   The Commission shall appoint a suitable person to act as Recording Clerk, subject to the approval of Council. Appointments shall be made annually commencing in 1977. The Clerk shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission.
(Ord. 56-1976. Passed over veto 1-11-77.)