(a)    The position of Plumbing Inspector is hereby established for the City.
   (b)    The duties of such office shall be as follows: the inspection of all plumbing construction and installations on all structures and buildings other than one-family and two-family residential dwellings, under the direction of the Building Commissioner.
(Ord. 21-1969. Passed 5-13-69.)
   (c)    The Mayor shall appoint a qualified Plumbing Inspector to the position herein established for a term not to exceed one year, and the person appointed shall serve until his successor is appointed or has qualified or until he has been removed from office as provided by law. The Mayor shall also appoint a qualified Assistant Plumbing Inspector for the same term of office, same duties and same rate of compensation for the position as that of Plumbing Inspector. The Assistant shall perform the duties of the office when the Plumbing Inspector is unavailable for duty. (Ord. 48-1969. Passed 10-28-69.)