Upon the request of any person, copies of resolutions, minutes of meetings and other Municipal papers which contain information relating to the business of the City which are determined to be public records, shall be made available to such person by the Appointed Departmental Records Clerk at the following prices:
   (a)   The cost of the charter shall be five dollars ($5.00).
   (b)   The cost for the Zone Map shall be five dollars ($5.00).
   (c)   Cost of all other documents shall be five cent ($.05) per page.  There is no charge for less than 10 pages.
   (d)   The cost for electronic storage shall be five dollars ($5.00).
   (e)   Professionally printed photographs will be the actual cost.
   (f)   U.S. Mail Postage must be paid in advance or self-addresses stamped envelope provided.  (Ord. 3-2018.  Passed 3-13-18.)