A petition may be circulated in separate parts, but the separate parts shall be bound together and filed as one instrument. Each part shall contain in the case of the initiative or referendum, a full and correct copy of the title and text of the proposed or objectionable ordinance or resolution, and in the case of the recall, the name and office of the person whose removal is sought and a statement in not more than two hundred (200) words of the grounds for the removal.
   Each separate part of said petition shall be either printed or typewritten and shall bear the names of at least five (5) registered electors who shall be officially regarded as filing the petition and shall constitute the Petitioner's Committee for the purpose named therein.
   Each separate part of such petition shall bear an affidavit sworn to by the circulator thereof stating the number of signers to such part of the petition, and that each signature thereon is the genuine signature of the person whose name it purports to be and was subscribed in the presence of the affiant.
   Each signer of a petition referred to shall sign his name in ink or indelible pencil and shall place on the petition paper after his name, his place of residence by street and number.