The Mayor shall be the executive head of the Municipality; shall supervise the administration of the municipality's affairs; shall appoint all other department heads, subject to the approval of a majority of the members of Council; and shall be responsible to the electors for the operation of all departments or divisions. The Mayor shall be the chief conservator of the peace within the Municipality and shall see that all laws and ordinances are enforced therein. The Mayor shall have the power, subject to the provisions of the Charter, to appoint, promote, transfer, reduce or remove any officer or employee of the Municipality except those required by the Charter to be elected, or those whose term of office is fixed by this Charter, subject to provisions of civil service requirements, or by the laws of the State of Ohio, where it is beyond this Charter to provide. In the event of a vacancy occurring in a position subject to the appointment power of the Mayor, the Mayor must exercise such appointment power within thirty (30) days from the date on which the Mayor receives official notification of the vacancy or within thirty (30) days after refusal of confirmation by City Council; otherwise, Council may fill the vacancy by majority vote.
   The Mayor shall recommend to Council such measures as he deems necessary or expedient for the welfare of the Municipality and shall keep Council advised of the condition and future of the Municipality. The Mayor shall submit to Council an annual estimate of revenues and expenditures and shall advise Council of the financial condition and needs of the City, including necessary appropriation measures.
   The Mayor shall execute on behalf of the Municipality all contracts, conveyances, evidence of indebtedness and all other instruments to which the Municipality is a party. The Mayor shall make certain that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Municipality or its residents in any franchise or contract, to which this Municipality is a party, are faithfully kept and performed. The Mayor shall be recognized as the official and ceremonial head of the government by the governor for military purposes and by the courts for the purpose of serving civil processes. (Amended 11-4-80; 11-8-11)