(a)     Signage Where Required. In all construction that meets the requirements of the program, a sign shall be placed to indicate the type of construction and any associated hazards.  Additional signage shall be required at the Fire Department connection if the building is protected with an automatic sprinkler system.
   (b)     Signage Location. The sign shall be located on the main front entry door as well as the main rear entry door of the occupancy, or location(s) determined by the Fire Department.  On the front door, the sign shall not be mounted higher than the front door handle or lower than eighteen inches (18") from the walking surface outside of the entry door.  On the rear door, the sign shall be mounted on the upper corner of the handle side of the door.  If the signs cannot be properly mounted on the front or rear door, the fire official should work with the building owner to identify a location to mount the sign in the immediate area of the front or rear door. 
   (c)     Signage Type Details. The sign shall be a minimum of five inches (5") horizontal and minimum five inches (5") vertical with a Maltese Cross of a bright red reflective color with a minimum dimension of four and five-eighths inch (4 5/8") horizontal and four and five-eighths inch (4 5/8") vertical.  The sign should be of reflective aluminum or reflective adhesive backed vinyl sticker that will resist fading, weathering extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid environmental conditions.
   The inner circle of the Cross will serve the purpose of indicating hazards, and the lower portion will indicate whether the building has a basement. The inner circle of the Cross will have three (3) letter combination options (R, F, or RF).  "R" indicates the presence of lightweight construction on the roof system; "F" indicates lightweight construction in the floor; and "RF" indicates the presence in both.  The top portion of the Cross will indicate any special hazards such as bowstring truss, hazmat, etc. Any building requiring an emergency responder radio coverage system shall indicate such system on the bottom of the Cross with letter B.D.A.  A sample of the Maltese Cross is attached to original Ordinance 36-2020, and is available upon request from the Fire Official. 
(Ord. 36-2020.  Passed 12-8-20.)