(a)   The purpose of this regulation is to establish technically feasible and economically reasonable standards to achieve a level of erosion and sediment control that will minimize damage to property and degradation of water resources, and will promote and maintain the health and safety of the citizens of the City of Highland Heights
   (b)   This regulation will:
      (1)   Allow development while minimizing increases in erosion and sedimentation.
      (2)   Reduce water quality impacts to receiving water resources that may be caused by new development, redevelopment, grading, or clearing activities.
   (c)   This regulation applies to all parcels used or being developed, either wholly or partially, for new or relocated projects involving highways, underground cables, or pipelines; subdivisions or larger common plans of development; industrial, commercial, institutional, or residential projects; building activities on farms; redevelopment activities; general clearing.
(Ord. 13-2022. Passed 6-14-22.)