(a)   Permit Revocable. The permit hereby granted shall be revocable at any time where the City Council shall determine that the public convenience and necessity or the public health, safety or general welfare require such revocation or where Permittee has breached any of the provisions of this Permit, and the right to revoke the same is hereby expressly reserved to the Municipality; provided however, at a reasonable time prior to Council action upon such revocation or proposed revocation, opportunity shall be afforded to the Permittee, its successors and assigns, to be present at a hearing to be conducted by the Council upon such matters and thereafter to present its or their views and opinions thereof and to present for consideration, action or actions alternative to the revocation of this Permit.  All decisions of the City Council shall be final and not appealable.
   (b)   Continued Obligations.  The revocation of this Permit, for any reason, shall not operate as a waiver or release of the Permittee from any obligation or any liability which arose or arises out of any act or failure to act required under this Permit prior to revocation.
(Ord.  22-2000.  Passed 5-8-01.)