Upon revocation of this Permit or where the Permittee’s system is abandoned or assigned, and no proposed assignee or successor in interest requests and receives the Municipality’s approval of a transfer of the Permittee’s telecommunications and/or other utility system, and an assignment of this Permit or grant of a new Permit, within a reasonable period of not more than ninety (90) days after such termination, then the Permittee shall remove said telecommunications and/or other utilities facilities at the Permittee’s expense.  As an alternative to removal, the Permittee may, subject to the Municipality’s approval, abandon its facilities in place and transfer ownership of the installed telecommunications and/or other utilities facilities to the Municipality. Nothing herein shall cause the Municipality to incur any costs related to the removal of the Permittee’s facilities or the transfer of ownership of said facilities to the Municipality.  The City may utilize the proceeds of the bond required by Section 933.08 (d)(2) to cause the removal of Permittee’s facilities in the event Permittee fails to undertake or complete the removal of these facilities.
(Ord.  22-2000.  Passed 5-8-01.)