1501.23  BLASTING.
   1501.231  Blasting Permit Required; Fee.
   No person shall blast with dynamite, gunpowder or any other explosive compound within the City except pursuant to a permit issued by the Fire Chief.  For each blasting permit issued hereunder there shall be a permit fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   1501.232  Investigation Before Blasting.
   The Fire Chief shall cause to be investigated the persons designated for the purpose of determining the conditions of the proposed blasting and the competency of the persons to perform such blasting.
   1501.233  Blasting Permit Conditions; Bond.
   (a)   The Fire Chief may grant a blasting permit when satisfied that the granting of the permit will in no way jeopardize or seriously menace the public peace, health or safety and he may consider any facts or evidence bearing on the location where such blasting is supposed to be done and the experience of the applicant in the handling of explosives.
   (b)   The granting of such permit shall be conditioned upon the furnishing by the applicant of a cash bond and a policy or evidence of insurance satisfactory in form and amount to the Fire Chief and Law Director, indemnifying and saving harmless the City and conditioned upon the payment of any and all claims arising by reason of the issuance of such permit.
   1501.234  Regulations for Blasting.
   (a)   No blasting shall be done pursuant to such permit except in accordance with the following regulations:
      (1)   Notice of intention to blast, stating the location and time of blasting, shall be served not less than three (3) days prior to such blasting, upon the owners of the premises, which are within a radius of one quarter of a mile of such proposed blasting.
      (2)   No blasting shall be done between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., nor at any time on Sundays or legal holidays.
      (3)   No blasting shall be done within 500 feet of any church, school, hotel, theatre or place of public assembly.
      (4)   Not more than 25 pounds of explosives shall be used within 200 feet of any building, not more than 50 pounds within 250 feet of any building, nor more than 100 pounds within 300 feet of any building, but in no case shall a greater amount of explosives than 100 pounds be used.  The Fire Chief may restrict the blasting to a lesser degree of pounds of explosives.
      (5)   Previous to such blasting a proper sign of warning shall be given and shall be prescribed by the Fire Chief.
      (6)   All special provisions in the interest of public safety relating to the method of blasting prescribed by the Fire Chief shall be strictly complied with.
      (7)   A qualified seismograph consultant shall be required at each blasting job site with seismograph equipment, and a report of each blasting shall be made to the Fire Chief.
   1501.235  Protection While Blasting in Streets.
   No contractor or other person shall cause any explosions or blasting in the streets of the City without proper protection therefrom in the form of a road mat or other suitable device.
(Ord. 30-1996.  Passed 9-10-96.)