As used in this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:
   (a)   “Good condition” means the state of a property kept clean, in proper repair and maintenance and free from observable deterioration, decay or weathering.  All parts of a structure in good condition shall be capable of performing the function for which such part, or feature into which it is incorporated, was designed or intended to be used.
   (b)   “Unsightly” means the state of a property which is observably undesirable in appearance, and would so be considered by a reasonable person applying general community standards.  Such a property would further so deviate in maintenance and appearance from those surrounding it, as to cause depreciation in value to those surrounding properties.
   (c)   “Run-down” means the state of a property not in “good condition” as defined above.
(Ord. 35-1971.  Passed 11-23-71; Ord. 42-1971.  Passed 11-23-71.)