(a)    Whenever the Building Commissioner or his authorized agent finds any building, structure or premises, or any part thereof, to be in violation of the provisions of this Business Maintenance Code, he or his agent shall give or cause to be given or mailed to the owner, agent, occupant or operator of such structure or premises a written notice stating the violation therein. Such notice shall order the owner, agent, occupant or operator, within a stated reasonable time, but not less than ten days, to repair, improve or demolish the structure or premises concerned. Such delivery or mailing shall be deemed legal service of notice.
   (b)    If the person to whom a notice of violation is addressed cannot be found within Cuyahoga County after a reasonable and diligent search, then notice shall be sent by registered mail to the last known address of such person, and a copy of such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the structure or premises to which it relates. No person shall remove or deface such warning notice without written permission of the Building Commissioner. Such mailing and posting shall be deemed legal service of notice.
   (c)    Notwithstanding the requirements of notice provided herein, when, in the opinion of the Building Commissioner, the condition of a structure or premises, or part thereof, constitutes an immediate hazard to human life or health, or when a prior violation notice has been sent to the owner, agent, occupant or operator for the same or a similar violation, then no such notice of violation need be given to the owner, agent, occupant, or operator of such building. (Ord. 21-1980. Passed 5-13-80.)