(a)    The Municipal Engineer is hereby directed to, prior to final approval of any newly installed sewer system and/or reconstructed sewer system or line being less than thirty-six inches in diameter, require that any and all contractors cause photographs to be made of such sewer systems or lines installed, showing thereby that the sewer system has been constructed upon a sound engineering basis, and that the sewer system is free of any and all accumulation of foreign substance and material, and that the passage and flow of waters is free and unobstructed.
   (b)    Upon inspection of such photographs and if satisfied that such sewer is free and clear of all foreign substance and there is nothing present to prevent the free flow of sewage and storm waters, the Engineer is hereby authorized to approve the same as a final inspection, placing in safekeeping all photographs for future reference by the Municipality.
   (c)    The cost of such photographing and photographs shall be entirely paid for by the contractor or developer of such land and/or sewer system, and such photographs shall remain the property of the Municipality. (Ord. 47-1967. Passed 9-26-67.)