(a)    All structures or parts of structures to be moved into or within the City shall require approval from the Architectural Review Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission. Any application for a permit to move a building or structure into or within the City shall designate the proposed location of the building or structure. After approval of the Board, the Commission shall set a date at which a public hearing shall be held concerning such application. The Clerk of the Commission shall notify the abutting residents (owners) and those within five building lots on both sides of the property, both sides of the street and one side of the street behind such location.
   (b)    In the event the proposed location is a corner lot, notification shall be given to all owners within five lots for each street forming the intersection in addition to those owners covered by previous requirements. Such notice shall be in writing and delivered by first class mail or personal service at least ten days prior to date of public hearing at which such application shall be considered.
   (c)    Approval of the location of the building or structure shall be based upon a specific determination that all requirements of the Codified Ordinances shall be met. Approval of the Fire Chief and City Engineer shall be submitted in writing. Further, a specific finding in writing that the structure or building, or part of structure or building shall not be injurious to the surrounding neighborhood and not contrary to the Zoning Code shall be submitted by the Commission to the Building Commissioner before a permit can be issued.
(Ord. 51-1976. Passed 11-30-76; Ord. 10-1977. Passed 3-8-77.)