The following types, sizes and numbers of signs are permitted for each parcel in other zoning districts (M-S and P):
   (a)    Any business, such as but not limited to, automotive service stations, found by the administrative official to constitute primarily a use of open land may erect and maintain a single free-standing sign not to exceed thirty square feet in area and a total sign area related to a single premise not to exceed sixty square feet. The total area may be increased up to 120 square feet if a station or business abuts on two major streets. However, if such a business is situated within and operated as part of an area found to be the controlling business or shopping center, it shall not warrant separate signing.
   (b)    For any such motel or restaurant business, the total area of sign or signs shall not exceed seventy-five square feet for any restaurant or motel building and shall not exceed 100 square feet for a combined motel and restaurant .
   (c)    For all other buildings in this classification, the total area of the signs shall not exceed sixty square feet for any building or one square foot for each lineal foot of frontage of the main building, whichever is the lesser.
   (d)    The following general regulations shall apply to all signs described in this section:
      (1)   Except for free-standing signs, the minimum height of the lowest member of any such sign described in this section shall be not less than eight feet above the finished grade of a pedestrian way or less than thirteen feet if over pavement used for vehicular circulation. The space under any sign, if less than the above minimum heights shall be designed and constructed so as to prevent the movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic thereunder.
      (2)   The maximum height of free-standing ground and directional signs shall not exceed the regulations listed in Section 1145.06(f).
      (3)    The location of such free-standing signs shall be limited to not less than fifteen feet from the street right of way and not less than twenty-five feet from the side yard line and not less than seventy-five feet from a Residential District line.
      (4)    Any sign permitted in this district not specifically regulated by this section shall be governed by regulations for signs of the same general classification as listed in Sections 1145.05 and 1145.06.
         (Ord. 5-1995.  Passed 5-9-95.)