Every performance standard, set forth herein, shall be complied with as a precedent to occupancy of any use in an Office Building, Local Business, General Business or Park-Commercial-Light Manufacturing District.
   (a)    Enclosure. All permitted main and accessory uses and operations shall be performed wholly within an enclosed building or buildings. All raw materials, finished products, mobile and other equipment shall be stored within buildings, provided, however, outdoor overnight parking of cargo carriers in the process of loading or unloading shall be permitted.
   (b)   Fire and Explosive Hazards.  The storage, handling and use of flammable or explosive materials shall be permitted only in structures having incombustible exterior walls, and all operations in connection therewith shall be provided with adequate safety and protective devices against hazards of fire and explosion as well as with adequate fire-fighting and suppression equipment and devices standard to the operation involved.
   (c)   Dust; Smoke.  Electricity, gas or fuel oil shall be used for heating and the supply of power.
   (d)   Odorous Matter.  The emission of odorous matter in such quantities as to produce a public nuisance or hazard beyond the lot occupied by the use shall not be permitted.
   (e)   Toxic or Noxious Matter.  The emission of toxic, noxious or corrosive fumes or gases which would be demonstrably injurious to property, vegetation, animals or human health at or beyond the boundaries of the lot occupied by the use shall not be permitted.
   (f)   Noise.  The sound pressure level of any operation on a lot, other than the operation of auto-calls, bells, motor vehicles, sirens or whistles, shall not exceed the average intensity of the street traffic noise at the nearest residential district, and no sound shall be objectionable due to intermittence, beat frequency or shrillness.
   (g)   Vibration.  Vibrations shall not be permitted beyond the lot line occupied by the use which would be perceptible without the aid of instruments.
   (h)   Radioactive or Electrical Disturbance.  Radioactive or electrical disturbances shall not be created which would adversely affect any form of life or equipment at or beyond the boundaries of the lot occupied by the use.
      (Ord. 25-1973.  Passed 7-9-63.)
   (i)   Waste Disposal.  Only mechanical garbage disposer facilities as referred to in Chapter 1317 of the Codified Ordinances, may be provided, located  within the main building.  No garbage, rubbish or waste matter shall be permitted outside of buildings unless placed in covered containers specifically designed for that purpose and provided that such covered containers are regularly emptied and maintained and do not become a nuisance or menace to the public health.
      (Ord. 25-1973.  Passed 5-29-73.)