In order to carry out the purposes of this chapter, Automobile Parking District, Office Building District, Local Business District, Motor Service District, General Business District and Park-Commercial-Light Manufacturing Districts and regulations are hereby established.  Whenever abbreviated terms P, O-B, L-B, M-S, G-B or P-C-M are used in this Zoning Code, they shall be construed as referring to the respective titles.
   The uses set forth as permitted main buildings or main uses in certain districts shall be the only buildings and uses permitted therein by right.  The uses set forth in certain districts as permitted accessory buildings or uses shall be permitted therein by right as a subordinate building or use, provided such use is planned and developed integrally therewith and clearly incident thereto and located on the same zoning lot as the main building or use.
   A building designed and occupied as a residence cannot be occupied in part or wholly by another use, unless the building is redesigned to express the new function and reconstructed to the extent that it will fully accommodate the proposed use.  A lot occupied by a dwelling shall not be occupied by any other use permitted herein.
   The continuation, change, extension, alteration, conversion, enlargement, reconstruction, relocation or maintenance of all buildings and uses shall also be subject to all lot area and yard regulations, building area, bulk, coverage and height regulations, off-street parking, loading and access regulations, performance standards, approval of development plans, and all other applicable regulations of this chapter.
(Ord. 21-1963.  Passed 7-9-63; Ord. 41-1967.  Passed 9-26-67.)